About Us

Key Program Staff and their Work

Minister Queen S. Mims is the Founder and the Executive Director for Re-Entry.  She holds degrees from Housatonic Community College and Vision Christian College, is certified and licensed as a Childcare Provider and her work has been publicly recognized in print media and TV appearances. She holds the 884th Point of Light award presented by the Office of the President of the United States.


Verlene Durant is Food Manager and Board Member. She has served Re-Entry for over 3 decades and is a Certified Professional Food Manager. Compliance with Health Code regulations is under her area of expertise.



Nellie Singletary serves as chef, Transportation Coordinator and on-site supervisor for health, safety and house rules. She has been serving Re-Entry since it’s beginning. Meals are served at Re-Entry on a 24/7 basis throughout the year. Nellie has completed the Food Handlers Training Program given by the City of Bridgeport Health Department. And transportation is a critical service as women must appear for appointments for medical, dental, counseling, court, probation and many other purposes.

Martha Henegan, a graduate of Re-Entry, is a teacher and mentor. She resides at the Primary Care facility and is available to women for counseling and advice. She also serves as an administrator in the office. Martha is a graduate of Connecticut Institute of Christian Religion (Bridgeport), is certified for Medical Billing and Health Insurance Examiner and Cosmetology.


Other Staff & Regular Volunteers

Geneva Stancil – Program Associate and generalist
Ginnie Masson – Facilities planning and code compliance
David Coles — Facilities and vehicle maintenance. Projects
Pastors Alma and Roger Davis – Pastoral oversight
Bradford Hubler — Facilities (mechanicals) maintenance
Marjorie Oden — Event planning
Walter Baker — Financial and other business administration
….and a cadre of other volunteers who care about and the work of Re-Entry.

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